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Lab-A Mole Ratio-03-03-09

Lab-A Mole Ratio-03-03-09

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Observe a single replacement reaction.
Measure the masses of iron and copper.
Calculate the moles of each metal and the mole ratio.

Iron metal filings 400 ml beaker
Copper II sulfate pentahydrate 100 ml graduated cylinder
Distilled water balance
Stirring rod weighing paper
150 ml beaker hot plate
beaker tongs

1. Read the entire procedure.
2. Prepare your data table.
3. Is it important that you know you are using the hydrated form of copper II sulfate? Would it be possible to use the anhydrous form? Why or why not?
Answer question 3 above just below:

1. Measure and record the mass of a clean, dry 150ml beaker.
2. Place approximately 12 g of copper II sulfate pentahydrate into the 150 ml beaker and measure and record the combined mass.
3. Add 50 ml of distilled water to the copper II sulfate pentahydrate and heat the mixture on the hot plate at a medium setting. Stir until all of the solid is dissolved, but do not boil. Using tongs, remove the beaker from the hot plate.
4. Measure approximately 2 g of iron metal filings onto a piece of weighing paper. Measure and record the exact mass of the filings.
5. While stirring, slowly add the iron filings to the hot copper II sulfate solution.
6. Allow the reaction mixture to stand, without stirring, for five minutes to ensure complete reaction. The solid copper metal will settle to the bottom of the beaker.
7. Use the stirring rod to decant (pour off) the liquid into a 400 ml beaker. Be careful to decant only the liquid.
8. Add 15 ml of distilled water to the copper solid and carefully swirl the beaker to wash the copper. Decant the liquid into the 400 ml beaker.
9. Repeat step 8 two more times.
10. Place the 150 ml beaker containing the wet copper on the hot plate. Use low heat to dry the copper.
11. Remove the beaker from the hot plate and allow it to cool.
12. Measure and record the mass of the cooled 150 ml beaker and the copper.

Weigh the Item Record the weight in grams
Empty 150 ml beaker

Beaker + 12 g. of copper II sulfate

Approximately 2 g of Fe filings

Cool beaker and copper

Clean-up and Disposal
1. Turn the hot plate off.
2. The dry copper can be placed in a waste container. Wet any residue that sticks to the beaker and wipe it out using a paper towel. Pour the unreacted copper II sulfate and iron II sulfate solutions into a large beaker in the fume hood.
3. Return all lab equipment to its proper place.
4. Wash your hands thoroughly after all lab work and cleanup is complete.

Analysis and Conclusions:

1. What evidence did you observe that confirms that a chemical reaction occurred?

2. Write a balanced chemical equation for the single-replacement reaction that occurred.

3. From your data, determine the mass of copper produced. Show all work.

4. Calculate the moles of copper produced. Show all work.

5. Calculate the moles of iron used in the reaction. Show all work.

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